The central idea of my concentration is to subtly morph reality into the fantastical through the process of deconstruction.


While the work is formal, its overall mood is aimed at being a fantastical and playful reconstruction of reality. The work emphasizes formal qualities of various subject matter through heavy repetition of shape and the use of implied line to maintain unity and flow. Works are continually taken a step further by back and forth integration of digital and traditional media. Some pieces began with a photoshoot weighted heavily in dark values to add drama. Afterwards bright contrasting colors were added digitally. Split complementary color palettes were utilized to help reach the desired playful mood. To push the formal effects of rhythm and layering, pieces were printed onto acetate and layered to create more complicated, nuanced effects. In later works, less emphasis was placed on the subject and more on the negative space. As the work progressed the photo shoots themselves became more complex by altering light in colorful and rhythmic ways. Prismatic light and cross contour shadows were used to further deconstruct subject matter prior to utilizing working processes detailed above. Actual textures that connote playfulness like glitter, mirrored paper, and wallpaper were added to further enhance works. Deconstruction surpassed being merely thematic and evolved to truly become integral to my artistic process, with the aim to leave viewers inquisitive on how pieces were constructed due to the significant number of manipulations.